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Quite simply, we put the Finishing Touches on your Custom Installation. We strive for excellence and work with you to achieve the results you’re looking for.


With hundreds of projects under our belt, we know what’s required to deliver the finishes and outcomes you desire. One of our top priorities is delivering a final product we can be proud of, and one you can trust.


We’ve worked in and around building and maintenance projects for over 20 years, providing services to all types of clients. There’s no substitute for experience – and you’ll get the best of ours when you choose FTCI.


Ask us a question, and we’ll provide an honest answer. There are too many cowboys in this industry and we’ve heard from customers who’ve been burned before. If something is going to take longer or cost more than you expected, we’ll tell you – but we’ll explain everything and ultimately provide you with choices.


When you’re undertaking a sizable building project, there are a range of options when it comes to service providers. With FTCI you have access to multiple services under the one roof which enables us to work seamlessly across your project. Your project may also require electrical, plumbing, security & CCTV, we can cover it all and project manage all trades to ensure completion without headaches for you.


While we know our stuff, we know it’s often a foreign language to clients. After all, the construction industry is not necessarily your business! We pride ourselves on making everything easy to understand – while bringing our professional approach to the table.
We will work with you to design the right product for your home, family or business, within your budget. 

We love helping clients create stylish kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes or TV/entertainment cabinets for their new home theatre system. 

Cabinet making is one of the cornerstones of our services, and comes with decades of service and experience throughout Darwin. Some of the many services we provide include:

  • Building & repairing custom fixtures/furniture
  • Making or repairing flat panel products
  • Fitting and assembling prepared components
  • Preparing job drawings from job specifications
  • Making layouts and templates
  • Application of veneers, stains, paints, laminates & polish
  • Fitting hinges, locks, shelves, drawers and latches
  • Estimation of materials required and cost of project
Epoxy floors are so strong they can be used in the most demanding situations - even industrial environments. In the simplest definition, it is a flooring surface made up of multiple layers of epoxy, applied to a depth of at least two millimetres.

A lot of work goes into creating epoxy floors but we find clients are always impressed by the results and enjoy the durability of this type of floor, as well as its smooth appearance.

Unlike an “epoxy floor”, an “epoxy floor coating” is where the epoxy applied is less than two millimetres thick. Epoxy floor coating is a technical process that requires the expertise of a flooring professional to properly install. The exact materials used vary depending on the type of flooring system required, but every floor system installation requires careful planning to ensure the essential performance characteristics are achieved with the finished floor. Floor coating systems require the proper preparation of the underlying concrete and subsequent layers to ensure the products bond correctly and the coating is successful.

Epoxy paint is essentially latex paint with a small amount of added epoxy for increased durability. This type of product is best left for DIY home garage projects and is never an appropriate choice in industrial settings.

From a technical standpoint, the resin and hardener contained in Epoxy is mixed together. They chemically react to form a rigid plastic material that is strong, resistant to degradation and that bonds extremely well to its substrate.

Talk to us for clarification on the best approach for your project.

At FTCI, we can offer you a one-stop shop that rewards you with a lifetime investment to be proud of. Our 20+ years of construction experience in the Northern Territory ensures you get the best advice and service, not to mention expertise to bring your dream renovation to life.

Renovations typically involve several different trades, often required to work together to ensure timelines and budgets are met. Whether it’s coordinating access to the site, discussing the location of wires and pipes for access and safety, or creating a design that is beautiful and functional, renovations typically require multiple parties and coordinated work.

Together with our trade services, we can project manage your renovation using reputable local trades that are reliable & efficient to get your project completed on time and hassle free.

If not done properly, waterproofing can create headaches, complaints, and costs for remedial works. For a small percentage of total project costs, it’s worth making sure it’s done right.

We specialise in under-tile waterproofing membranes in residential and commercial wet areas. Projects include bathrooms, showers, laundries, balconies, decks, pools and roofs. We are a Construction Training Academy (CTA) certified approved applicator, and only use quality products backed by reputable companies. The products we use ensure quality, support and genuine warranties.

We work with you to ensure your building or new project is sealed and waterproofed on schedule and within budget. Whether it be a new construction project, or remedial works/routine maintenance, we have a solution to meet your requirements.

The silicone finish of a project really is the last word. This is where internal and external surfaces are kept air and watertight, in areas where wet area tiling, windows, doors and precast joins meet. This is where your building - your investment - is protected.

We select reputable products for each application, and ensure we achieve the best results with a high quality finish.

We offer all caulking/silicone services. Whether it be a new home, a renovation, or a repair in a bathroom, kitchen, balcony, pool or elsewhere, we’ll seal your project to give you the peace of mind you and your project deserve.

Whether it’s a complete home theatre setup in a dedicated theatre room, or the installation of a small AV cabinet with wall mounted TV and surround sound, we’ve got you covered.

We can design, build, set up and install it all.

Our years of experience in cabinet making, building and Audio Visual (AV) installations mean we can cover any home theatre or security system project - big or small. Larger scale projects have included things like motorised seating, controlled lighting and acoustic room panelling - everything you need to immerse yourself in your favourite movie, sporting event or music experience.

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